The ability to analyze complex technical information; the ability to analyze business requirements and assess impact within the existing database architecture; good research skills; excellent problem solver; the ability to manage multiple projects while meeting deadlines; has a passion for developing engaging consumer experiences; possess strong problem-solving skills, as well as oral and written communication skills; the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and not be overwhelmed; the ability to write precise, detailed technical specs and documentation.

Professional Experience

Lesus Technology (Augusta, GA) | Owner & Software Engineer | March 2016 to Present

• Developed and delivered customized websites to 7+ clients, increasing user engagement by 30%.

• HTML/CSS websites, ensuring alignments with business goals & delivering 30% faster-loading technology.

• Developed Javascript applications that resulted in over 20% increase in page visits and a 5X user engagement rate growth.

Dell Technology (Augusta, GA) | Campus Promoter | January 2023 to Present

• Utilized social media platforms to share promotional content with 3,000 student groups, driving 25% higher rate of event attendance compared to previous year.

• Delivered persuasive campus talks with strategies & key messages designed specifically for 1,500 students, resulting in 10x growth in ticket sales over a period of 14 days.

• Organized promotional campaigns for a AUC events, which created 50+ attendees.

National Football League (New York City, NY) | Project Management Internship | August 2021 to March 2022

• Coordinated successful placement of 140 ads at strategic locations around sporting arena for Viking event, increasing total sales by 30%.

• Identified and assessed NFL vendors to explore potential business opportunities.

• Coordinated with sales team members to prepare marketing materials and presentations for three new NFL vendors.

Think Garden Entrepreneurship Lab (Durham, NC) | Marketing Intern & Design Internship | January 2022 to May 2022

• Developed quantitative and qualitative market research to assess customer satisfaction & improve services for 60+ local small businesses, resulting in a 15% increase in clientele.

• Conducted in-depth analysis of competitor strategies and customer feedback through 20 focus groups for strategic implementation of marketing initiatives, leading to a 25% growth in online sales.

Leadership Experience

• Founded and organized the MBA Software Engineering Club with 8 members

• Led the North Carolina Central University as a Team Captain 2020-2022

Technology Summary

Microsoft Word | Adobe | XCode | Visual Studio | JavaScript | HTML | CSS